Who is Martika?

Martika cuentacuentos

Hello, mi name is MARTIKA

Welcome to my storytelling space. Welcome to the world of fantasy where every dream come true.

Listening to stories is somehow travelling to the unknown world of wonder where fantastic creatures may live. You can laugh and cry, dream and imagine, be afraid or dare. Everything is posible.

Once upon a time…


Professional Service

I love teaching and I love telling stories too. Both experiences enable me to offer a genuine, profesional and amusing service affordable for all pockets!

Stories for All

I tell stories for all ages: children, teenagers and adults. I have told many stories in classrooms, Christmas Markets, parties and fairs. I am sure I have got a story you are longing to know about!

Books and More Books

Literature is a wonderful world where stories of all sorts live. When children find in books the treasure of fantasy they will certainly fall in love with stories too.

Look up the date that suits you best and book your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to live an unforgettable birthday?

Make your birthday the most special event with a storytelling session just for you.

Martika tells only for children?

No, there are stories for everyone: stories for adults, for teenagers, for women only… We can all enjoy the wisdom contained in every piece of art which is a story.

How long is a storytelling session ?

It depends on the audience the performance is addressed to. Children and teenagers usually pay attention for a 45-50 minutes sesión. Sometimes they can enjoy it some more minutes.
When adressed to an adult audience it can be between 60 to 75 minutes long. It depends on the interaction with the audience.

How many people can take part in a storytelling session ?

Martika works with reduced groups. In feasts, children join the sesión as son as they see something good is going on.
School children and teenagers can listen and enjoy themselves with their classmates as Martika is telling her stories.
There is no matter how big is the group when Martika tells a story to adults.

Who is going to choose the topic of the storytelling session

Clients have already in mind what they are looking for and what could be told in their sesión.
I always have a previous meeting with my client. Only when I know what he is looking for I will choose the most suitable stories for the sesión.

How much is a storytelling session ?

It depends on the number of sessions you may book. A unique work may range between 250 and 300 Euro. A 40% of the total amount must be payed in advance in order to book that day, and the rest of the payment should be payed out at the end of the sesión.
If you need to cancel your storytelling, and you do it 10 days before the date, you will have your entire deposit back. Cancellations made 48 hours before the sesión, will not get the 40% of the deposit back.

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Contact with Martika

Have a look without compromise

You can contact me by email (info@martikacuentacuentos.com) or by phone (619 443 036) without compromise. You will be adviced and you will find your best choice!.


Flexible Calendar

Your event will be organized according to your demands,needs and Budget.

Multiple choices

There are different options for all budgets. Call me!

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